The "Marketing and market analytics" program is the most popular at the Higher School of Economics

This is not just a personal victory for me as a program director, but a big victory for all marketing education in Russia! The bachelor's program Marketing and Market Analytics of the Higher School of Economics completed its admission with a competition of 72 people for a place, taking first place in the entire HSE!

The largest universities named the most popular specialties of the year How the shortcomings of admission to one wave affected the campaign

On the eve of September 1, RBC polled the largest Russian universities about the past admission campaign to find out what the average USE score was this year, how many universities enrolled Olympiads and how they assessed admission in one wave

Most Russian universities will start the academic year on September 1 in full-time format, but will be required to comply with sanitary safety measures. This was announced in mid-August by the head of the Ministry of Education and Science Valery Falkov. He estimated the proportion of universities that would invite their students to desks and classrooms at 96.4%.

The admission campaign to universities this year began at the end of June. This time, based on the experience of 2020, applicants were offered to submit documents through the personal accounts of universities, by mail or using the “Admission to the University Online” service. A key feature of the 2021 campaign was admission to higher education in one wave, which was announced by the Ministry of Education and Science last fall. Also, applicants have the opportunity to apply for admission to ten directions at once within the framework of one university. The total number of universities where this could be done increased to five.

At the end of the admission campaign, in mid-August, a petition appeared on the platform in which applicants criticized the admission to one wave. The authors of the petition argued that this format of admission does not look fair, school graduates risked not enrolling in any university, it was difficult to assess their chances of enrollment. In addition, as the document says, there were situations when, in the last minutes of the work of the selection committee, an applicant could drop several positions in the lists and “fly out of the budget”.

RBC looked into which areas in technical, natural science and humanitarian universities were the most popular with applicants, what was the average USE score in 2021, how many students entered using online services, and how the universities themselves assessed the practice of entering one wave.

15 educational institutions from the top 25 of the RAEX rating and participants in the completed 5-100 project responded to RBC's requests: the Higher School of Economics (NRU HSE), the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President (RANEPA), the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University) ), Sechenov University, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (NUST MISiS), Moscow State Technical University. N.E. Bauman, Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI), Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanov, St. Petersburg State University (SPbGU), St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Peter the Great (SPbPU), St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies (ITMO), Tomsk Polytechnic University (TPU), Novosibirsk State University (NSU), Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), Ural Federal University. B.N. Yeltsin (UrFU). Moscow State University, MEPhI and MIPT did not respond to RBC's request.

What directions are most in demand

The most popular area in technical and natural science universities in 2021, for which the most documents were submitted for enrollment, was computer science (information security, computer technology). It ranks first or second in the top areas of study in several universities at once - the Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, ITMO, St. Petersburg State University, Moscow State Technical University. Bauman, MISiS, NSU, FEFU. In second place in popularity in most universities is an engineering specialty (software engineering). In the third place in specialized technical universities, there is also often a specialty related to either computer science or applied mathematics. Otherwise, the second and third places are shared by specialties traditional for a particular university: for example, for Tomsk Polytechnic University these are oil and gas business, electric power industry; MISiS has materials science. At MAI, the specialized areas dedicated to missile systems and aircraft construction are in the first place, but the university notes that IT areas are also popular. At the HSE, marketing and market analytics are in the lead, and foreign languages ​​close the top three.

Economics, management and law also remain popular. These areas are most in demand among applicants from St. Petersburg State University, Higher School of Economics, RANEPA, PRUE. G.V. Plekhanov, UrFU im. B.N. Yeltsin, FEFU. In a number of universities, the top three also included areas related to linguistics - in particular, this is observed in St. Petersburg State University, Ural Federal University, Far Eastern Federal University. Another area that is in demand among school graduates is medicine - at Sechenov University and PFUR.

Advertising and public relations, as well as journalism, were named popular areas only in RANEPA and RUDN University.

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