Strategic marketing

11/09/19 Announcment
Welcome to the course "Strategic marketing"! Here you will find the course materials and results of group tasks. Please pay attention to that starting from the 2nd class, all materials will be uploaded under a password distributed during the class.

Course description

Целевая аудитория:

Fourth-year bachelor students of "Management" specialty. Prerequisite courses: "Introduction to marketing", "Marketing research.


September, 7 – November, 23.  Exam – November, 30.

Goal of the course:

The formation of deep theoretical knowledge and practical skills in developing a marketing strategy as part of the business strategy of a modern commercial enterprise.

Outcomes of course completion:

  • Knowledge of goals, types, and criteria for choosing marketing strategies, as well as methods for evaluating their effectiveness;

  • ability to analyze markets and design marketing strategies that can increase the competitiveness of the company and its attractiveness to consumers; 

  • possession of strategic, tactical and operational decision-making methods in the process of preparing and implementing a marketing strategy;

  • skills in presenting the analysis results in written and verbal forms, including the usage of graphic material.

Topic 1. Market orientation.

Market definition. Market potential. Market Development Index. Product life cycle, market demand and profit. Consumer analysis and value creation. The concept of strategy. Company's mission. Market segmentation and customer relationship marketing. Customer Orientation Strategy. Competitive analysis and sources of advantages.

Topic 2. Marketing effectiveness.

Marketing effectiveness. Customer focus and profitability. Customer satisfaction as a key performance indicator. The effect of retaining customers on profits. Profit for the period of cooperation with the client. Customer loyalty. The impact of marketing strategies on profit.

Topic 3. Marketing mix strategies.

Product positioning in the market and assortment strategy. The multi-attribute product theory of Jean-Jacques Lambin. Portfolio analysis. Anzoff model. Product diversification strategies. Strategies for introducing a new product to the market. Market pricing and pricing strategies. Marketing channels.

Topic 4. Brand strategies and communication strategies.

Brand value. Brand strategies. Brand expansion strategies. Repositioning: restyling, rebranding, renaming. Joint branding. Digital marketing communication. Social media marketing communication. Stimulating the actions of potential buyers. Communications of push and pull types.


3 ECTS, 36 academic hours.


Course materials


                                                                                          Group evaluation

In-class assignments (4-8)                   40%                              yes/no

Midterm test                            10%                                               no

Exam (test) .                                    30%                                      no 

Exam (group project)                   20%                                         yes

Bonus points* .                        10%                                            yes/no


*Баллы за особые достижения (см. Система оценивания). Не компенсируются. Бонусы обнуляются, если итоговый балл – 100%.